Answering Atheism

Topic: Replying to the attacks of modern atheism

Running Time: Approximately two hours

Click Here for shorter “Lite” version.

Hello Friends!

If you’ve spent any time online, you have probably discovered a growing part of the population which call themselves “Atheists.” What is Atheism? What does it mean? Are atheists real? Is there a case to be made for atheism? Can one have Faith in God and still be rational? And how is an Atheist like a toaster?*

The summary is fairly simple: Atheism is the belief that there is no God/gods. The reason atheism is growing in America is in part due to the fact that atheists have changed the definition of “Atheism” to mean merely a lack of belief in God (Which includes Agnostics, thus the increase in numbers). They have changed the definition because after a hundred years of debating with Christians, they have realized that there is no logical defense of Atheism, and so they’re trying to make it sound like their position is rational, yet doesn’t NEED a rational explanation. As this presentation reveals, Atheism is a dark and sad religion which, I suspect, most atheists do not really believe.

Our goal is not to beat up on atheists, but to be their friends by being able to answer the lies which have ensnared them, so that they can be free to embrace the Gospel. We’ll also help the Christians among us feel at ease about what can sometimes be presented as an intimidating intellectual attack against Christianity. We’ll see that the attack from atheism is paper thin and an inch tall, and nothing to lose sleep over.

  • We’ll define “Atheist” and see what options exist between Christians and atheists, and meet a new species of pest that lives in the shadows of the internet.
  • Mythbusters will help clear up the definitions and possibilities.
  • We’ll define “Faith” and see how atheism fails to understand it.
  • We’ll examine the faith of Atheism and see how most atheists are heretical.
  • We’ll see how atheists are like toasters (or think they are).
  • We’ll see how Atheism HAS the burden of proof (Russel’s Cosmic Teapot)
  • We’ll look at the Problem of Evil and see how it is a problem for Atheism.
  • We’ll see the 10 commandments atheists wrote for themselves, and how it unintentionally supports a Biblical worldview.
  • We’ll see how objective morals only make sense in a theistic worldview.
  • We’ll see how the existence of the Universe required a divine creator.
  • We’ll see how living things contain information which requires a brilliant divine creator.

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*This sounds like the set up to a very funny punchline, and someday I will make it so. But the real answer is, “it depends.”

If the atheist is right, the the atheist is like a toaster in the fact that he is an object whose every action is predetermined by his chemical make up and structure controlled by the laws of chemistry and physics.

If the Bible is right, the atheist is like a toaster in the fact that he is designed by an intelligent creator for a purpose.

It’s not very funny, but it is true.

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