Chuck D and the New Monkey Band

Topic: Creation vs Evolution (See below for complete list of topics covered)
In short- Biblical Creation is the faith that fits the facts, and Evolution is the faith the facts have failed. The Bible CAN be trusted, from the very first page!

Running Time: Approximately Four Hours

Greetings, Friends! Consider if you will the following two points of view:

“An attack on evolution is an attack on all of science. Discredit that, and the next generation may wonder why they should support science at all.”

Eugenie Scott*

“To insist, even with Olympian assurance, that life appeared quite by chance and evolved in this fashion, is an unfounded supposition which I believe to be wrong and not in accordance with the facts.”

Grasse, Pierre-P.#

What exactly IS evolution? What does Science tell us about the history of life on earth? What does The Bible tell us?

Chuck D and the New Monkey Band is a long, detailed presentation which covers MANY facets of this complicated and important topic.

First, it presents the history of life according to Darwin, and clearly defines the concept of evolution. The evolutionary story is broken down into historical, biological, and genetic components so the listener will get an idea of the scope of what the theory is really asking us to believe. Next, it presents some of the mechanisms of evolution which experts agree are the driving forces behind evolutionary change. When these mechanisms are examined and defined clearly, it will be seen that almost none of them could even hypothetical cause evolutionary changes, even under the best circumstances.

When all of the evolutionary mechanisms are seen to NOT cause evolution, you will see how other alleged evidence also fails to support evolutionary dogma. The facts of geology will stubbornly fail to support evolution, both by showing evolution NOT happening in the fossils, and by showing great evidences of catastrophe (Noah’s Flood) and not the deep time gradualism which is taught in textbooks and increasingly rejected by geologists for catastrophic explanations which better fit the evidence anyway.  You will also learn about the various methods used to support the idea of deep time and find that the facts all point to a Biblical timescale and do not allow for the evolutionary millions of years.

Finally, you will see how a study of genetics and biology coincide beautifully with the Biblical account of creation. Predictions made from a Biblical worldview are supported in every part of science, including in all living things. Where as Darwinian Assumptions fail horribly when seen in the light of data, the Biblical model shines bright, showing us that the Bible can be trusted from the very first page.

Here is what this presentation covers:

Part I: Starting the story- From the first cell to the Origin of Species

  • Chuck D writes a chart topper, and we define what Evolution is, and isn’t.
  • Why Chuck D.’s book is fiction for kids (Uniformitarianism vs Darwin)
  • What needs to happen for the first cell to come about by chance?
  • Looking at the myth of the “Simple Cell”
  • What are the odds of DNA and the first cell building themselves?
  • Even if the first cell could built itself, where did the 2nd one come from?
  • What is Natural Selection, and what does it do?
  • Is “Changes in Allele Frequency” evolution? What is it?
  • Can mutations drive evolution?

Part II: Deep Time- Fossils, Flood, Rocks and Dogs

  • Does The Fossil record show evolution? What IS the Fossil record?
  • Did Dinosaurs live millions of years ago, or have they lived with mankind?
  • Are fossils arranged in an evolutionary sequence?
  • Can we get the geological record without Millions of years?
  • What does the Biblical Model Predict?
  • How do those predictions hold up to observation?
  • What does Biology tell us about the created Kinds?
  • Do we see what the Bible predicts when we look at living things?
  • What about Radiometric Dating?
  • Can’t we use “Science” to prove the earth is billions of years old?
  • What does the Bible say about the age of the earth?
  • What else can science show us to defend a “young” earth?

To Invite me to your church, school, small group, pizza party, or chili cook off, just send an email to:

*From New Scientist magazine, 22 April 2000.

#editor of the 28-volume “Traite de Zoologie”, former Chair of Evolution, Sorbonne University and ex-president of the French Academie des Sciences], “Evolution of Living Organisms Evidence for a New Theory of Transformation”, [1973], Academic Press: New York NY, 1977, p.107

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