Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist

Topic: Young Earth Creationism

Running Time: Approximately Two Hours

While the church has learned enough science to rarely take Darwin seriously, there are still a lot of us who haven’t looked into the age of the earth issue. Many in mainstream Christianity will say, “The plain reading of Genesis does indicate a six day creation, about 6,000 years ago, HOWEVER, modern science shows us (something something something) Millions of years.” But DOES modern science really support deep time? Or is there more to the story?

Obviously if there was not more to the story I would not have made this presentation, so I’ll ruin the surprise right now. Deep time fails at every level. First of all, as almost everyone already agrees, the Bible agrees with the young earth position. You’ll see how the old testament, the new testament, the words of Jesus, his Apostles, and even God’s words in the Ten Commandments CLEARLY communicate a “young” creation. We’ll also take a look at the language of Genesis 1 and see that Moses did everything a man could do to communicate the fact that the days of creation were days of creation.

We’ll look at some of the arguments which arise from within scripture which are used against the YEC position and see how they are all easily answered. Then we will take a look at the science of the Big Bang, as well as radio dating methods and see how neither is viable, and both are based on more assumptions than facts. Finally, we’ll go through a list of observations in the sciences which show that there is no way the earth is Billions of years old. Science and the Bible are in complete agreement- God’s word is true. In the Beginning, God made the Heavens and the Earth within a single week, about 6,000 years ago.

The Bible is true from the very first page, and you can trust it.
Topics covered in this presentation are below.

  • WHY am I a YOUNG Earth Creationist?
  • Jesus was a Young Earth Creationist
  • God told Moses He was a Young Earth Creationist
  • Was it like a DAY day?  Or just a day? (How long were the days of Genesis 1?)
  • When was the First Sunny Day? (How did God make light on day 1 but not the sun until day four?)
  • A Giraffe By Any Other Name… (How did Adam name ALL OF THOSE ANIMALS in one day?)
  • Big Bang: BIG FAIL (Big Bang is not a win for atheism, and what is the evidence FOR the Big bang?)
  • Red Shift, Escape, Delete: Science (How Red Shift fails to support Big Bang)
  • The Not So Smoking Gun of the Big Bang (How Cosmic Background Radiation also fail to support the Big bang)
  • Distance to the Stars! (The Problem of Distant Starlight in a “young” universe)
  • Geology and the Myth of Deep Time
  • When is a Column NOT a Column? (Geological Time Column vs Observational science)
  • Fossils Date the Rocks Date the Fossils Date the Rocks (Circular Reasoning in Deep Time rock Dating)
  • Radioactive! (Radio Dating Methods)
  • C14: The Holy Grail of Popular Ignorance (Another radio Dating method)
  • The Positive Case for a Young Earth (Science which proves deep time impossible)
  • Like Balancing a Checkbook (How YEC’s get 6,000 years from the Bible)

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