Creation SoapBox

Topic:  Creation vs Evolution

Running Time: Approximately Two Hours
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The point of this presentation is amazingly simple: If you understand Evolution well enough, you will see that it cannot happen. It’s as simple as seeing that subtracting is not adding. This might sound like I am being sarcastic, but I assure you I am not. Evolution is REALLY that bankrupt.

In part one this presentation defines evolution according to the alleged Darwinian history of life on earth- the “tree of life.” Then the various mechanisms of evolutionary change are examined so they are understood. As each is understood, we will see that none of them can account for the kind of changes evolution supposes must have happened in the distant, unobserved past. Mechanisms of evolution fail to cause evolution just as losing money will never make one rich, even if one loses a little money every day for a long, long time.

In part two, I summarize Biblical Creation and show how the observable facts in biology fulfill the predictions made by the Biblical model. What we actually observe, in life today or in anything found in fossils, are living things, fully formed, reproducing according to their kinds as per Genesis 1. Furthermore, we see greater genetic information and diversity in the past, following Creation, which is becoming increasingly corrupt as mutations break down the information in genomes like smudges on photocopies. In short, the evidence fits the Creation model and flies in the face of Darwin.

Evolution is the faith the facts have failed, and Creation is the faith that fits the facts. The Bible CAN be trusted, from the very first page.

Part 1- Neo-Darwinian Evolution

What is “Evolution”?
What is the Story Evolution tells?
What are the proposed Mechanisms of Evolution?
What is Natural Selection? Does it cause “evolution” to occur?
What are Changes in Allele Frequency? Do they cause “evolution” to occur?
What are vestigial structures? Do they cause “evolution” to occur?
What is Genetic Drift? Does it cause “evolution” to occur?
What are Mutations? Do they cause “evolution” to occur?

Part 2- Biblical Creation

Jesus is our Creator God.
Genesis is a Book of History.
The Bible teaches six days of creation, about 6,000 years ago.
All living things were created according to their “kinds.”
Biblical Creation predicts an “Orchard of life,” not a single tree.
There is observable evidence to support Biblical predictions in plants and animals.
The diversity of life is best explained by a gradual shuffling and loss of genetic information, as opposed to the Darwinian slow gradual accumulation.

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