Proof of God

Topic: Evidence for the Existence of God from science and philosophy

Running Time: Approximately two hours
Click HERE for shorter (Lite) Version.

I was standing in a parking lot one day not terribly long ago, and a friend said to me, “How do you even know God exists?” To which I replied, “I don’t know. Can’t you just believe anyway?”

Ha Ha! I’m kidding of course. However, lot of people in that situation might not have anything better to say. In an attempt to help those people be better friends to those who need them to be one, I have created the Proof of God presentation, which goes over some of the classic proofs for the existence of God. While the philosophy and science can get kind of deep, I keep things on a friendly and easy to grasp level. After all, what good is a proof for the existence of God you can’t understand or share?

When my friend asked me for evidence for the existence of God, I said, “How about the whole universe?” I’m a big believer in efficiency. But there is a lot more than could be said. Below are the topics which are covered in this presentation:

  • Christian Faith is faith IN Jesus. Trust and Love.
  • Apologetics is Biblical and Friendly.
  • You will meet Christians, Theists, Agnostics, Atheists, and Roach Clowns
  • Some people can deny the certainty of anything, even their own existence. Don’t let it get you down.
  • The Ontological Argument- God is neither impossible nor contingent. Thus, he is Necessary.
  • The Argument from Design/ Kalam Cosmological Argument/Fine Tuning- Science shows us more reasons that God MUST exist- because without Him nothing else would exist.
  • The Moral Argument- Objective morals do exist, and only make sense in a theistic worldview.
  • God is properly basic- His existence is Self Evident.
  • The Elephant and the Smarty Pants Philosophers- God wants to be known, and we can trust His word.

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Rocking my 40's with a heart full of love and muffins, science and technology. Jesus loves me and wants me to totally rock! And I am here to help.
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