Rent an Atheist

Topic: Is the Bible trustworthy?

Running Time: Around an hour

Want to see how your youth group, Bible Study, or congregation reacts to an informed Atheist? Want to gauge how badly your group needs to study apologetics? Bring me in!

I have a presentation here called “Why I am not a Christian, by Thomas Weiss.” Who is Thomas Weiss? He’s someone you know casually, perhaps from the local coffee shop. He’s an atheist and professor of Visual Arts at a small local college which shall remain nameless. You told him you are involved in ministry, and he stated (rather smugly) that the only reason people are still Christians is because they are ignorant. “If you let me teach them what I know for half an hour,” he said, “there would be a mass exodus from your church.” And you agreed to give him that half hour, confident that the faith of your friends would be stronger than his arguments.

The bad news is, Thomas has a lot of convincing sounding arguments. The good news is, he’s me: your Rent-A-Friend and Christian Apologist. Thus, after making them think they’ve just listened to an informed atheist for half an hour, I can wash the stink off of their souls my teaching them the truth about all of the most popular Atheist arguments against the Bible.

I recommend you have me lead the event under the pretense that I am actually Mr. Weiss. Then, let’s take some questions to see how your group reacts when confronted with a confident non-believer, and to see if anyone can challenge the arguments presented. After some time, we do the big reveal and admit that I am in fact Bryan Melugin (AKA Rent a Friend) at which point I will go back through the entire presentation to show where the lie, distortion, or logical fallacy lies. At the end of the day, your group will have been presented with the biggest common attacks on the validity of the Bible from Atheists and skeptics, as well as the answers to those attacks, thus learning how to have confidence in the truth of the Bible and answer skeptics with confidence and grace.

This presentation covers (From the atheist point of view):

What atheism is, and why is does not have the Burden of Proof.

Reasons to reject the Bible:
1. Genesis creation and flood accounts (Deep time, evolution, Geology, paleontology and Big Bang have proven Genesis false)

2.Unreliability of the Old Testament (aka the Torah) (Lack of historical evidence for Exodus, King David, etc., stories written as political and religious propaganda, late dates of earliest existing Torah and even Dead Sea Scrolls)

3. Contradictions In the Bible (Concerning nature of God, events, descriptions of events, etc)

4. Great number of variations in manuscripts (400,000 variations among them, with only 138,000 words in the entire Greek New testament, oldest complete New Testament from several decades AFTER Council of Nicaea voted on Jesus Divinity)

5. The Jesus Story is built on Paganism (Many specific and important details about Jesus are found in religious cults from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, thus making Christianity an obvious copy cat religion.)

6. Evil (God is Good, but the world is full of disease, suffering, death, and murder?)

And then I go through all of this again as me, giving answers to all of these attacks, and this time showing how no attack against the Bible is valid. As Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church once said, it’s the attack of a dingy against an aircraft carrier. The Bible CAN be trusted, from the very first page.

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