The Flood of Noah was Real History!

Topics: Noah’s Flood and related sciences

Running Time: Approximately Two Hours
Click HERE for shorter (Lite) Version

Hello, Friends!

The Flood of Noah’s day is more than just a mind-boggling bad movie starring Hollywood’s Russel Crowe and Hermione Granger. It’s an actual event of World History, depicted in the book of Genesis (Which was nothing like the movie– THANKS AGAIN, Hollywood!).

What does the Bible tell us about the flood? Does science confirm the biblical account? Could it really have happened?
Take comfort, friends. The Bible can be trusted from the very first page.

This Presentation Covers:

  • The Text of the account from Genesis.
  • The Ark: It’s Design and Seaworthiness. Could it really have survived a global flood?
  • The Animals: What all came aboard? What kinds of animals and how many? Even Dinosaurs?
  • The Water: Where did it all come from? What did it do? Where did it go?
  • The Aftermath: What happened when it was over? What was left?
  • Genesis Rocks! How Geology confirms the global flood in many ways.

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