The Metaphysical Map

Topic: A guide to Worldviews, Religions, and Philosophies.

Running Time: Approximately Two Hours
Click HERE for shorter (Lite) Version.

Worldviews, Religions, and Philosophies are the story behind the story. What do you assume to be true of everything before you walk out the door in the morning? How do you explain it to yourself? Life, Death, God, Heaven, Hell, Humanity, Origin, purpose, destiny, value, right, wrong, Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful, True…metaphysical map version two copy

The point of this presentation is to give the listeners the tools to examine Worldviews, Religions, and Philosophies without being overwhelmed by them. When your kids come home from college having heard about some weird philosophy from far away or long ago (or California) you can pull out this map and walk them through it until it all makes sense. All worldviews, religions, political movements, and marketing schemes are about the same things in different words. This map shows you where those things fit together, which helps reveal how some worldviews are internally inconsistent. I’ll teach you how to read the map according to Biblical wisdom and good old common sense, and along the way show you where false worldviews fail.

Instead of examining a lot of specific philosophers, or the many different worldviews and religions that exist as islands unto themselves, this presentation walks you through a map of the Metaphysical Landscape. Once you get the idea behind the parts of the landscape, it becomes a lot easier to tell one worldview from another. Along the way we’ll take a look at many of the world’s popular worldviews and see how they differ. Below is the list of topics this presentation covers, and once you see what these things mean and how they relate to each other, you will begin to see how the Biblical worldview makes the most sense. You will also see how people who claim “all religions are basically the same” have no idea what they are talking about.

Covered in this presentation are the following topics, their definitions and relationships. Along the way we will learn how these points can help clarify and separate different Worldviews, Religions, and Philosophies, and we will see that the Biblical worldview makes sense in a mad world.

  • God
  • Reality
  • Perceptions
  • Truth and Illusion
  • Experience
  • Reason and Logic
  • Belief and Knowledge
  • Opinion and Faith

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